American Girl Harry Potter Accessories

Last and final post about this American Girl Doll gift. But on a completely side note – we found the Harry Potter Game to give to her as well for a $1 at our local Thrift Store – oh how I love thrift stores.
So here are the accessories: Crookshanks the cat, a broom, and a wand – I thought about making the Time Turner necklace but my friend Kerin, an official Harry Potter Expert, said that Hermione gave it back at the end so I skipped it.
Crookshanks is a little spooky looking, but I think a nice addition. I used extra Black T-shirt Avery iron ons to iron on a picture of a cat that looks like crookshanks to brown faric and sewed around three edges with right sides together, inside outed it and stuffed with polyfil anddried beans and the top-stitched the fourth side.

Crookshanks tutorial

Crookshanks tutorial

Broom Tutorial

accessories tutorial

Hermione AMerican Girl Doll
























































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