Gifts for kids in class

I never really realized how much stuff we got out of by homeschooling – no teacher gifts, no bus driver gifts, no small tokens for each kid in the class. Since Miss thing has been going to a real brick and mortar school this year I had to ask around to find out what is expected. I don’t want to miss out on something that all the other kids do – my daughter is definitely the sensative type that would be scarred by that, but I don’t want to over do it.

We are really trying to not be crazy about sugar. We are still bad, but I’m trying to get away from out and out candy for my kids. So when it came to think of a gift for her to give hr classmates I nixed her idea of goodie bags. So in comes the Christmas Tree Shoppe. I absolutely love the store. It’s 40 minutes away but well worth it and we try and hit up a local art outreach center that is right near there so it’s not a one and done kind of trip.

I found a basket of 18 cookie cutters for $3.99. They are the nice aluminum ones not plastic. So we firgured we would make ornaments out of them. I had taken a lot of pictures in Miss Things classroom and then thought… hmmm picture ornaments are cool… and 2nd graders are probably too old to make them themsleves. I had Miss thing pick out the 14 she wanted to use (yes she is in a class of 15 – awesome right?) then she outlined  them on two sheets of paper with pencil. Make sure your child outlines the outside of the ornament not the inside. Next I scanned those in and upped the contrast so the lines were pretty dark. Next step is where either Photoshop or elements or some photosoftware is required. I dragged a students picture to the outline and then decreased the opacity of that picture and erased around the edges. So you can totally just use real pictures for this and totally skip this step, but I like doing it this way so that I can put their head right where I want it. You don’t actually have to erase around the edges, but I like to save ink.

Then increase the opacity back up again and print out the ornaments on card stock. Then take the ornament again and place it right over the picture and outline it with a marker and cut it out. Tie a string around the ornament first and then tape the cut out to the back. It has an adorable little shadowbox affect.


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