how do I make a pattern….

… I don’t. The joy of the Internet and oh the joy of Pinterest is to find that a million other people (lets be honest mostly women) have gone before me doing what I hope to do and doing a better job at it. I have had my sewing machine for about 4 years now. I’ve taken a couple of classes and I have practiced on countless presents I’ve made, but never have I ever made a pattern. My amazing friend Megan decided to throw her daughter an epic Harry Potter birthday party. Hopefully she will post pictures. We were sitting in the lobby of the girls’ gymnastic class when I asked her what her daughter liked. She told me she is all about her American Girl doll lately. This is perfect I thought I’ll make a Hermione costume for her American Girl doll… there has to be one out there. Well there is – Amy Giggles Design is an actual patern maker – you can tell by her beautiful seams and well ironed everything that this isn’t her first go at something like this. Here is her post on her self-proclaimed half tutorial (which isn’t really half to me because it is super thorough) on making the Harry Potter robe. Unfortunately, I needed to make the whole outfit and I wanted the robe to be lined. So please first and foremost go to her post and read through that… if you don’t you won’t be able to make the whole thing I made… So it’s not perfect because I had to figure out the construction on my own since I wanted it to be lined so here are some pictures I drew first with explanation and then I have the real photos… I really hope this helps someone out there do this. The other thing is Amy’s post didn’t have a pdf of the hood pattern – I will add mine to this post, but please know my hood was a little on the big side. Also I wanted my sleeves to be a little bigger at the end – it seemed more wizardy to me, and the same for the robe so if you see I cut extra little triangles but I really just eyed it and in the end probably should have just stuck to her exact pattern.

Make a Harry Potter cloak for an American Girl doll

Make a Harry Potter cloak for an American Girl doll

Just to clarify. I used to fabrics a thick black one and a knit red one for the lining, both of the fabrics were reversible so it didn’t matter which way I sewed them in… that totally helped. In the directions I tried to help by coloring them in and I used dark black dashed lines to show where you should sew. Below are some images I  took with my phone that aren’t that great in quality but kind of give you an idea of what was going on. I labeled them with the numbers from the above document so if thre are three number 1s its because they are all showing the step of cutting out the patterns of both fabrics. The last picture shows the gryffindor mblem I put on. I used Avery 4385 Black Tshirt iron on transfers. The process should have taken me about 15 minutes. but over an hour later I had learned many things…. 1. ALWAYS read the comments on a new product you want to try and 2. things are never as easy as they look. The comments for the product state that the back is hard to pull off – and that if you cut out the image before you pull it off it is impossible!!!! So if you use these (and by the way the colors are brilliant with them and you don’t have to reverse the pictures – so defintiely use them) you have to print out the picture and then pull off the backing BEFORE you cut out the emblem. I found the best way to get the back off is to make sure you don’t print out on the whole 4x 6 piece and then actually make a tear into it. The tear gives you a little bit better chance to find a way to peel off the backing. Peel off the full backing and then carefull cut out the shape you want. The transfer is really delicate without the backing so be careful. The end product is totally worth it.

Some pictures of the process

Pictures of how to make a harry potter cloak

Wow this post is long. Here is a picture of the final product and I’ll add two more posts on how to make the outfit and the accessories.

Hermione Robe Tutorial for American GIrl Doll

Hermione Robe Tutorial for American GIrl Doll



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  1. Amy February 5, 2013 at 11:33 pm # Reply

    I just remembered the other day that you contacted me about the post and I never could read it as a draft. I am so glad I checked it out- your robe looks great with the lining! Thanks for the kind words in your post!


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