I hit 10,000 pins

Really I think that shows I have a bit of a problem. I love everything Pinterest stands for. I’m a visual person I love art, illustrations and photography so just looking at pins sometimes is an end in and of itself. But I also love to sew, paper craft, throw parties, and homeschool all of which there are millions of pins about great ideas. I could actually give up watching TV forever, not really needed in my book, well maybe just while running on my treadmill. But Pinterest… hmmm can I give up Pinterest?
pinterestSo my friends and I are reading this book called  7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by the hilariously funny Jen Hatmaker. I had to just read everything by her after that point because I was hooked. Interrupted and Misunderstood (I’m not finished) and I’ve gotten her Bible studies which I will definitely discuss later one. The premise of the book is that Jen was feeling convicted about her greed, excess, materialism, consumerism, and so much more. It’s crazy to say her greed, and excess, when it is mine as well. So she goes on a 7 month experiment spending one month at a time trying to limit her clothes, shopping, waste, food, possessions, media, and stress. She sets up rules to follow and has a council to help her along the way and keep her honest. It’s an awesome read. Doing it on the other hand isn’t quite as awesome. Our group is trying it and doing it in our own way. My favorite comment was from our leader “Hey, it’s not like I”m writing a book about this.” We are quickly seeing our excess and it is less than pleasant. It comes at such a time for me that I know god was tapping me on the shoulder. Hey Kelly, remember the path you were on… why are you straying so far from it.

My husband and I both became Christians in college, we were on fire excited for what we had been missing out on all our lives. We intentionally moved to a very small but urban setting in hopes of being part of the city – serving and loving. We did. We lived there for almost 9 years. I taught in the schools, we went to church in the borough and tried our hardest to be involved in things of the city as much as we could. Oh yeah and I could walk to the library, and the Ritas, and the thrift store, and the zoo, and the awesomest fabric store ever. Then we had to move for a year for my husbands job and literally lived in the lap of luxury. We were blessed to be with my inlaws. It was probably one of my most favorite years ever – getting so close to them, not really tied to anything and just having so much time together as a family. We served in the church we went to there but there wasn’t much messy stuff like there is when you live in an uran setting where lots of people aren’t having their needs met. Then we moved back… with a new hope of adoption and homeschooling. Some how being apart of the city took a back seat. We moved into a single home with an extra bedroom and a big yard. We are still in the same school district, but just on the edge of the township, over a mile from the borough line. It is different, and I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I really really love that I can’t hear neighbors yelling words through the walls that we don’t use at our house. I don’t miss having to tell my daughter that we can’t go down to the park in the summer because the trees by the river are full and once we saw a shady interaction and once two dogs started chasing us. But I miss the real community of people sitting on their porch, tons of people walking past our house, running across the street to our dear friends house. All this to say that you have to critically think about the things that you allow in your life and the direction it takes. We are in our house and we will probably be here for a very long time, but my life doesn’t need to follow a path of mindless consumerism of things that are comforting and seem great. This is my declaration of I want to be intentional. I want to intentionally do without so that I am free. Free to use my money for other things, free to use my time for other things, free to be obedient.

So we are finnishing up on possessions and next month is media. I would like to be free of Pinterest next month. Free of the pull of all the things that I really want to make. Free of all the ideas I really want to try and implement. Not free for ever, but free for a month so I can see what fills in that space, and become more intentional with my free moments… because if you feel like you just have to do something then it isn’t really free time is it?

Since this week is possessions I have to show this video . I love it and will definitely show it to my kids. I grew up as a huge consumer. I am, by way of my dad, frugal. We always joke that when we get a great deal we say “It doesn’t even have to fit.” because once when I was an akward 7th grader a bit on the fuller side, I needed to get a new pair of ski pants. We went to the store and my dad found a pair for $8. I tried them on and all I can remeber is thinking…. is this really what a sausage feels like. I walk out of the changing room to show my dad and he’s like great it fits. My brother and I stare at him like he’s crazy… obviously he couldn’t ever think it was appropriate for a 7th grade girl to be painted in skipants, or he couldn’t really be fooling himself that I wouldn’t actually split it right up the back just getting in the car never mind skiing… so he comes back with “It’s only $8 it doesn’t even have to fit. And that there in explains my ridiculous need to get a great deal and in that sometimes getting stuff that I absolutely don’t need just because it is such a great deal. This is what I want to combat, along with about 10 other things.

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