Media Fast

So I might have mentioned before that my Bible Study/Women’s Group is doing the book 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. So far we have done “fasts” of food, clothing, and possessions. This month is media. I had no problem with clothes and possessions. I often do wear the same 7 pieces of clothing for a week so the clothes challenge was a piece of cake, and our family is trying to collect stuff to sell at a yard sale for our adoption so getting rid of possessions was pretty easy. The food month was tough, but since it didn’t limit how much food I could eat just which kinds it didn’t hurt too bad… but alas the month I was most worried about… Media Month. I don’t really like TV that much, but I can watch a couple of hours a week… but oh how I love the Internet. I love learning new things. That’s my thing. I love new information. The Internet is where I get all my new information!!!!!!! How am I going to do this? Luckily our group has done modified versions of each month… oh Sarah if we could all be hard core like you! THankfully Jen Hatmaker gave us a pass in the Cheater’s Post.
So this is what I’m going to do for this month:

No Pinterest – This is my favorite thing… 10000 pins… I will check my boards for a couple of homeschool worksheets I have on but NO looking at new things.
No Facebook – I love looking at pictures of my family members from far away, but truthfully since I found Pinterest – facebook has taken a back seat.
No Frivilous texting – not really a problem for me… but I do hate talking on the phone so it would be hard to give up entirely
No TV – except watching something on my laptop while I run – otherwise I’ll never exercise.
No Movies – also not really a problem
No Instagram
No fun apps
As for the computer – I will use it still – not just for fun and silly stuff, but for any new things I need to do for the girls, and for this blog since I just started it. But I think I’ll only get on my computer twice a day. Once in the afternoon if I need something and once at night. That will be a huge decrease from my 100 daily checks of email (I don’t get email on my phone).
Hopefully I’ll be able to uphold it and hopefully I’ll fill the time with fun with my kids, quality time with GOd, and actually cleaning my house.

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