National Cocoa Day

… Dec. 13th is National Cocoa day. This is usually something that would totally fly under the radar for me – I’m not really a huge chocolate fan and I didn’t even know it had it’s own holiday. Well that is until I started to read Rage against the Minivan – which really should be in my blogroll. She did a post on the truth about where your cocoa comes from. The videos were horrible. I have a soft spot for orphans (shouldn’t we all) and well since we are adopting from Africa this information cut way too close to home. Please watch the videos… well watch them if you want to be convicted. Pretty much children are being bought or stolen and forced to work in the dangerous field of cocoa, but there is so much more… watch the videos and read Kristen’s blog.  So I went through me cupboard. My oldest wouldn’t take regular milk as a child. I nursed her to 14 months hoping that eventually she’d change her mind. We finally started spiking it with trace amounts of Carnation instant breakfast and the problem was solved… fast forward to over 6 years later and she still was drinking the Carnation instant breakfast in her milk. Nestle is a huge culprit in the supporting child slavery issue. Okay so they don’t support child slavery – I don’t think anyone would actually come out and say that – but they continue to turn a blind eye to the practices of the farms that they buy cocoa from. So I needed to get rid of my nestle stuff  and our Hershey stuff (but take note that according to Raise the Bar Hersey they will be 100% fair trade certified by 2020!). Hershey has chocolate called Bliss that is Rainforrest Alliance certified. Some people still don’t want to buy that because Hershey hasn’t been moving as quickly as they could be, but for us it is somethig we’ve needed to do in some cases. The hardest thing is deciding on wat to do for Miss Thing’s milk (Miss thing is my oldest). Along comes pinterest. I found out how to make homemade chocolate sauce from the Maker Girl. It tastes exactly like the store bought stuff, but it should be said I had a huge thing of Hershey cocoa and I’m still using that until it’s done before we buy fair trade cocoa to start making it. I just couldn’t see wasting it since it was already bought. The girls and I have discussed it, I started to watch one video with them but they got upset, so we stopped and they don’t mind the changes we’ve made. So no more Carnation instant breakfast, no more nestle chips, and no more Hershey’s cocoa. A friend bought me sunspire chips , but my kids liked the Bliss better… I’m going to keep looking for the best solution! Happy National Cocoa Day.

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