Ornament Making for a Cause

When we were homeschooling last year we had time to plan ways to give back. We really wanted to do something fun and meaningful in December. So we decided to have an ornament making party. We had everything needed to make ornaments and then the people that came would make a donation. The girls and I made samples of all the ornaments and even a couple of direction sheets for the more difficult ornaments. We had the party the second Saturday of December from 10-4 – and told people to come anytime. I didn’t stress too much about food – cookies, fruit, real homemade hot chocolate (that was so incredible even weight conscious friends of mine drank their whole cup), and hot apple cider. Lots of people wante to know how much it cost per ornament but we said give what you want. Some people came and made 10 ornaments and paid $4 and some came and made 25 ornaments and gave a $20. Very few people made less than ten ornaments. It started to become a factory in here. We were turning out ornaments left and right. It was bizarrely fun, I thought for sure it might be overwhelming, but it wasn’t everyone there was so happy to be there and loved the fact that their kids got to craft and make a mess but it wasn’t on their dining room floor. Oh… I almost forgot – we made little tags that said this ornament helped buy fruit trees for a family in Africa and we put on a cute little symbol I found on the internet of a tree with hearts. Its a great gift for kids to give to family – it’s a fun ornament that they made as well as a donation for a good cause. We were able to plant 5 fruit trees… actually I think we got 10 and gave the rest to Food for the Hungry. I think we collected around $120. Here are some pictures.

I made the turquoise spice thing just for the event and I loved it. One of the holders even says snowman noses and is filled with foam carrot noses for the snowman ornaments we made. The biggest hit was the salt dough ornaments. They are so cheap and easy to make and the kids love them because they get to use paint. A side note – when making my salt dough ornaments they always come out best when I let them sit in the stovev after I’vev turned off the heat and let them stay in there over night.

We are doing it again – but this year we are raising money for an orphange in India. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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2 Responses to “Ornament Making for a Cause”

  1. lara December 30, 2012 at 9:26 pm # Reply

    awesome!!! i hope i can come next year!

    • admin January 2, 2013 at 9:30 pm # Reply

      We hope you come too!

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