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In 2009/2010 we started doing the Rock Star Bible study time as a family on Friday nights. We got all the ideas from Carissa at 1+1+1=1. Check out her website to see the list of ideas, but it’s kind of like Sunday school but together as a family at home with fun activities. We made the binder and everything but we moved in 2010 and stopped doing it. This Christmas break the girls decided they wanted to start doing Rock Stars again so they got out the binder that was just laying around in the homeschool room and we ooked through it. It was awesome to see the old prayer requests and how they were answered. So we brainstormed as a family how we wanted to do it now that the girls were older. We decided to do the New Testement since it was Christmas and we want to do it chronologically and make a time line. Miss thing had the idea to write the topics on strips of paper and we’ll make a chain that would represent the timeline. I had ideas of strips of paper and cutouts of the characters that spanned the top of our homeschool room with our number line but her idea was great and much more manageable.
rockstars1We decided to start with the Angel visiting Mary (except now I think we should go back and talk about the annuciation of John the Baptist going to be born. ) We got out three of our Bibles and read the story in each of them in Luke. Then we did a word search together and filled out this simple worksheet ( rockstar1) that I made quickly on word. The worksheets are really to get the girls to be able to picture the event and they always enjoy drawing.
This is Miss Thing’s (she is 7) at first I couldn’t figure out why there was a cat in the picture but she told me that it was because it was in the one Bible story that she read out loud.
rockstarworksheet1We really enjoyed the time together and doing a wordsearch together proved to be fun and easy. I had found this interesting video on the internet about the adventures of Mary and Joseph and watched the one about the Angel Gabriel and Mary. It was very short and a little bit of a different interpretation, but a fun thing to watch.chain
The girls and I decided that we should make our own video. I just found out about Lego Movie. It is by far the coolest free app ever and I definitely would have paid money for it. It is a stop action app – so pretty much you can use legos (or any small figures really) to make a mini movie. It has a comicbook theme with cool word bubbles you can write in and even music. It is beyond amazing and seriously something a 5 year old and a 15 year old would both want to use. My very girly daughters now want to get the batman lego man because of it. Oh yeah, back to Mary and the angel. So we made our own movie. . We hope you like it… I have a feeling it maybe the first of many.

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