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This is my first link up (thanks Megan for suggesting it!)… It is a little intimidating having a certain topic to post on…  well here goes.
These are a couple of shots of the Christmassy stuff around our house.
1. This is our super simple advent calendar. I took a frame that I used to put the girls art work in and hammer finishing nails into the side and connected with craft wire. I then use little clothespins that I got at Michael’s to hold up printable cards from 1-24. I got the printable at the Sanvie blog (so simple and beautiful). Then I used post-its on the back so that I can use the calendar over and over again. I think I saw the idea somewhere last year but I can’t find where it was. We usually use our sock advent calendar, but it tends to get so messy and droopy by the end, this was a nice clean calendar!
2. This is our little online advent activity that has some fun interactive thing for my kids to do everyday. If you leave it open there is a little snowglobe that is constantly snowing in the lower right hand corner of your desktop. It makes me smile. A big bonus is the kids played with it for an hour the first time we uploaded it – $3 well spent.
3. This will be our second year hosting an ornament making to raise money for a cause. It was super fun last year, and I’ll write a post about it soon. But at the moment, our living room looks like the staging area for craft wars.
4. This very unique gift that we received two years ago is a nativity from China. It is hard to determine the characters and it had 4 wise men but my kids love that you can spin it from the top.
5. This buffet top is our most decorated space. The whole scene kind of happened by accident. I wanted to make a space for our very awesome new nativity from Azizi Life, but the rest was a mess. Our dining room has a bunch of random hooks left over from teh previous owner so I hung the star ornament on one and then centered the nativity under it. The garland goes up every year some p;ace random and the frame was an after thought to cover up another unsightly hook. I have to admit I really like it – happy accident. It is kind of like our family – cute and quirky – not perfect but can make you smile.
6. That is our jesusnotes printable. The girls have been working on trying to think of “gifts” they can give Jesus and writing it down on paper and putting it in his stocking.
7.This was a random buy two Christmases ago. It’s just nice to move the ornaments onto the little hooks.


Other than that we’ve done a couple little crafts and Christmassy snacks as well as some little services. Mostly we’ve been enjoying eachother in a joyful way.

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4 Responses to “Sharing Christmas”

  1. MommieDaze December 19, 2012 at 12:47 pm # Reply

    I love the advent calender at the top. So pretty and simple!

    • admin December 19, 2012 at 7:53 pm # Reply

      Thank you so much – it was easier than I expected. I love your site and thanks for being my first comment.

  2. Jen at Migonis Home December 20, 2012 at 8:46 am # Reply

    The advent calendar is adorable and I love the idea of doing the notes to Jesus. Can’t wait to implement something like that when my son can talk a bit more next year. :)


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