You are Special.

The events of today were so sad. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even let it get in too much or I’m overwhelmed, but I think it’s good to remember that God created each of us and special and that the number of 18 little kids is horrific for so many but each little one is specially created – even one is a tragedy. Max Lucado wrote this poem about the event but it made me think of a book of his that is my absolute favorite… don’t watch unless you want to get teared up… it is definitely for kids so let them come in and watch it. YouAreSpecial
Sometimes this time of year I get busy with all the special moments that I want to provide for my kids, all of the opportunities for them to realize it’s more about giving and helping, and drilling it in that Jesus is the reason for the season. I sometimes even get my worth from this. I am happy with myself if I feel like I’m doing good things, I’m happy if my kids make good choices against the grain, I’m overjoyed when I feel like I helped someone else. But that in and of it self can be the drug, the idol. If you’ve already watched the video – you can sometimes realize that you are waking up everyday hoping that you’ll still be getting yellow stars… from your husband, your kids, your friends, from God. Oh how I miss the point. I am special, I’m super special because God made me. I love others because first He loved me, not because I want to be loved by them.
I pray for each and everyone of those special people that God made today that were taken away.

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