40 Days of Fitness – Day 1

Yay it’s January 1st. This day always brings about so much hope and excitement.
Apparently I wasn’t the only one to think of the term 40 days of fitness… I guess it is true there aren’t any new things under the sun. Livestrong has a 40 days of fitness challenge. It’s awesome. The premise is make one healthy choice everyday for 40 days. What I’ll be doing here is similar, but a little bit different. I will be giving you ideas/ tips/ mini challenges for you to do everyday for the 40 days. The hope is to make some positive changes in the new year that stick.

So day 1 is to pick your thing… yup your one little thing that you are going to do everyday these 40 days. I am going to do 50 push ups everyday. Pick something small that takes less than 10 minutes so that you are able to do it everyday. You can do something positive like adding a glass of water a day, eating 5 fruits/veggies a day, walk an extra block with your dog everyday, doing 25 crunches or it can be a bad choice that you give up like taking the elevator, cookies, french fries, or soda.

Think about it – what is something you wouldn’t mind doing too much – 40 days is a pretty long time and you’ll be really energized if you do it everyday!

In these 40 days I’ll give you small tips, encouragement, and test out some of the workouts that they have available on Pinterest for free. Hopefully it’ll be a great experience for all of us. Good Luck!

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  1. 40 Days of Fitness – Day 9 | Learning Things on the Fly - January 9, 2013

    […] Do your one thing. Today lets go back to looking at food. If you’ve been reading this you know that I even though I truly enjoy exercising, which I know is not the case for everyone – I truly enjoy eating. I love eating. It’s actually a huge blessing that I’m not a better cook. I find that my biggest problem being a stay at home mom is that I often don’t eat a full meal at breakfast or lunch and then I eat way too many snacks. When I was a teacher I didn’t have this problem because food wasn’t available to me 24×7 so I would pack a good size lunch and eat a pretty big breakfast everyday. Now I eat a banana and some cashews or some tuna for lunch – neither of which will fill me up and then I snack like crazy or I eat the cookie dough that is staring at me while I bake cookies for something. So here’s my tip today. Eat real meals, and if you are going to go skimpy on a meal make it dinner. The next tip is even if you don’t plan out your meals, have healthy snacks already portioned out for you. I like whole fruits because they are already portioned… except for grapes apparently eating the whole bag isn’t a serving size. […]

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