40 days of fitness – day 2

Day 2 – do your one thing again.

Today decide what it is you really want to accomplish. I would really like to be strong. I know that sounds silly but that is something I’ve always wanted to be. I love sports – all sports. I love competition. I love winning or losing I just like the energy and thrill of doing something physical. My athletic strength has always been in my hand eye coordination and my scrappiness. I work hard, but I’m not particularly fast or strong or tall. I’ve always wanted to be fast, but after training for the marathon and running it very very slow… I realize that isn’t going to be a thing for me so I’m going to try and be strong. That’s why I’m doing the 50 push ups everyday. Right now they are on my knees… and in sets of 10 with breaks… but hopefully by the end I’ll be able to bust out 50 real push ups in a row… or at least in 2 sets of 25!

What is your goal?

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