40 Days of Fitness – Day 20

Do your one thing. This is my last day to do push ups on my knees. It has become so easy really, I can bust out 25 pretty quickly, but now on my feet, the real way, I’m going to have to do 5 sets of ten spread out through out the day. But hopefully by day 40 they will be as easy as the ones on my knees.
Today’s tip – post a healthy snack list. I’ve done this before but we never stick to it. And Miss Thing’s new thing is to say I’ve had a banana can I have a cookie. I want her to try and begin to not desire sweets so much because she has the worst sweet tooth in the house. Here are a couple of examples for healthy snack lists that you can keep posted and you can laminate them, put them in picture frames, or put them in sleeve protectors so you can cross of the ones you don’t have the ingredients for.
http://www.serving-pink-lemonade.com/2012/01/77-healthy-snacks.html – This one is my favorite
http://childhood101.com/2012/01/back-to-school-20-lunch-box-snack-ideas-free-printable/ – printable as it is

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