40 Days of Fitness – Day 28

Do your one thing!
Planking isn’t really that bad, but it ould just be that it is nice to be on my elbows after doing the push ups… if you aren’t a huge work out fan you might like the plank, it’s hard, but it isn’t a lot of moving or worrying that you are getting it right.

Today’s tip – eat a salad. Granted I need salad to fill up the huge vat I have for a stomach – really I am the shining example of the empty leg… there is no end to the amount of food I can consume. But it’s also good to have a salad to load up on great nutrients. Check out these 12 salads… just think colorful and you’ll be getting some great nutrients. Granted if you are trying to eat in season this isn’t the best time of year for salads, but here are 3 winter salads that will halp you get some great nutrients… and they look delicious.

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