40 Days of Fitness – Day 29

Do your one thing.
I think it’s good to let you know that I haven’t lost any weight in these 29 days. I have still been eating lots of healthy food, but again still too much, but I must say I haven’t really gained either and my arms are getting so much stronger. I’ve learned that I need to do something daily or almost daily for it to stick and I need some type of accountability. For my marathon I had a set 4 day a week running plan and the accountability was the race – the 40 days of fitness my one thing of push ups is daily and the consistency is awesome (thanks again Susie for the idea) and the accountability is actually to you all. It helps knowing that I’ll have to write about it, it helps knowing that even if not a lot of people read this blog that someone still might and I need to do it.

Today’s tip – Here are weight watcher veteran’s tips for losing weight. I’d like to write in here, that not everyone needs to lose weight – it shouldn’t always be everyone’s goal. However, there are some people that would like to lose weight so I thought I’d share this. I think that it is nice to have tangible goals that really lead to a more healthy lifestyle. I would like to be stronger, actual arm strength strong. Pretty much I just watnt o be able to do 50 push ups in a row at any point of the day. I’d also like to stop eating when I’m full, and while we’re at it – I’d like to know when I’m full. I feel like if I can tackle that hurdle I won’t feel like eating has so much control over me.

What are your goals?

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