40 days of Fitness – Day 30

Do your one thing!

They often say it takes a month to make a habit, so if you’ve been doing your one thing everyday then you should be able to continue to do it.

Today I just want to say something about racing. If you’ve never been in a race you should consider it. It is great motivation, it’s great accountability, and it is fun. You can pick a race to sponsor a cause – I really love The Muckfest – a 6 mile course in the mud to raise money for MS research, it’s really not that much running and you spend most of your time going through obstacles or if your are into biking there is the City to the Shore bike ride. Or you can do the Crush Childhood Cancer 5K that is coming up in May. There are walks/runs/ events for Breast Cancer, Adoption, feeding America and local organizations. If these aren’t causes you are passionate about there is probably one that is about something you are passionate about – or you could even start one.  Or there are races that are just fun. There are lots of mud runs and tough mudders, there are super fun color 5Ks, and even trail runs or triathalons and outdoor triathalons. Just think about it, it really is bucket list kind of thing.

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