40 days of fitness – day 5

Do your one thing!

Track your food. This is a broad term and if you’ve never done it I can tell you it can be crazy annoying and time consuming. All that being said it is probably the single greatest thing you can do for your health. I am a pretty avid exerciser – but that is fully counteracted with my pretty avid eating. Please know that this isn’t about being skinny, but truth be told it is not healthy for me to ignore the fact that I can sometimes eat 6 or 7 cookies worth of cookie dough when baking. That is more sugar and butter than my body needs. So keeping track helps. I have the OA journal. I’ve never been to a meeting but my friend got me the journal – it’s awesome it has a place for you to write down what you ate, but it also has spots for how you were feeling that day and things you were upset about (helpful for emotional eaters like myself). I really like it – but you don’t need that fully, just a little pad that you can write it down. If you’ve never done it before you don’t have to look up calories and everything, just write it all down, everything that way you can get use to what you normally eat and then you can see what you can take out that isn’t super healthy.

If you have a smart phone or if you don’t mind doing it on your computer you can use one of the many apps that track your food. I use Myfitness pal and I love it. I used it even before I had a smart phone. I am going to start using it again today. There are others out there Thryve (is about making good choices and not as much actual calorie counting – which looks cool.), MyNetDiary Calorie Counter, Shroomies Nutrition Menu, SparkPeople Diet & Food Tracker, and Myplate.

Again – don’t pick something that is so intimidating you aren’t going to do it… pad and pencil on your night stand are a good start… just remember to do it.
Just in case you like cute organizers I made you a little tracker you could print out and use. I put 4 on a page so you would only have to print 10 out to do all 40 days. I would probably cut them up and then put a cute clip on top, but that is just me. foodtracker

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