40 Days of Fitness – Day 9

Do your one thing.
Today lets go back to looking at food. If you’ve been reading this you know that I even though I truly enjoy exercising, which I know is not the case for everyone – I truly enjoy eating. I love eating. It’s actually a huge blessing that I’m not a better cook. I find that my biggest problem being a stay at home mom is that I often don’t eat a full meal at breakfast or lunch and then I eat way too many snacks. When I was a teacher I didn’t have this problem because food wasn’t available to me 24×7 so I would pack a good size lunch and eat a pretty big breakfast everyday. Now I eat a banana and some cashews or some tuna for lunch – neither of which will fill me up and then I snack like crazy or I eat the cookie dough that is staring at me while I bake cookies for something. So here’s my tip today. Eat real meals, and if you are going to go skimpy on a meal make it dinner. The next tip is even if you don’t plan out your meals, have healthy snacks already portioned out for you. I like whole fruits because they are already portioned… except for grapes apparently eating the whole bag isn’t a serving size. :)

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