Celebrating a tooth loss milestone

So along with not “doing” the santa thing… we don’t do the toothfairy. I know we stink. It was just something we decided before our kids were really old enough to get it and then well you can’t go changing it then. I really love fantasy and play so it’s probably weird that we don’t do these types of things… but I promise we do try to celebrate and make it fun. This is how I’ve always kept track of Miss Thing’s teeth… she has lost 5… notice that I don’t have any room to write a lot more teeth down and she still has 15 to go. I found this amazing chart online somewhere but I can’t find it again… so I can’t print out more – if you have seen it please let me know and I’ll link to it (and print more).
tooth2And you can see that I even tried to capture some of the fairy magic with a little minature note – I had found the idea somewhere but since it was awhile ago I can’t find it – but here is an adorable printable one.
tooth3All this to say that we have hit another milestone in our house. Sassy pants has lost her first tooth. A whole year earlier than her sister did since she isn’t even 5 and a half yet. Side note – Miss Thing didn’t get teeth until she was almost 1 years old and Sassy Pants got them at 5 months… correlation – first in first out?
tooth1So I couldn’t find that printable I used for Miss Thing and I didn’t have any containers around so I decided to do something a little different. It was fun to create… I got to use some engineering skills and some photoshop skills I hope you like it. It’s called the tooth files. It is a little printable box with 20 files inside. One file for each tooth they are going to lose. This way they have all the information in one place as they move along. I’ll keep the teeth in the box in a little baggie.

Before I give you the files I wanted to explain how I created it… are you game?
I took apart a truvia box. However it was too big to scan and I wanted to make sure you could print the box template on one piece of 8.5×11 paper. So I thought I was so smart and took a picture of the open template and then put it in photoshop and traced the outline… silly me though, it didn’t lay exactly flat so the box came out all geschmutziga (that’s what we say around here when something is messed up bad… some people use Fubar but we try not to use that kind of language.)

tooth4I decided that I could just make my own nice clean template on photoshop using the grid view. It worked like a charm and I even learned how to make dotted lines from this cool tutorial.
tooth5Then I fancied it up with some patterns, some tooth pictures, a little poem that I wrote and some glittery teeth. I printed it onto pink card stock, but I think white would have been better. Here is the file ( boxtemplateteeth(truvia-like) ). Don’t click on the image it won’t be the right resoultion just click on the pdf link boxtemplateteeth(truvia-like).
If you want a plain pdf of this box without making it into a toothfairy box I can send it to you – just let me know in the comments. Next I made little files for each of the 20 teeth. It takes to card stock pages, and again I printed on white and pink and the white looks a lot better. Here are the two tooth files documents. ( toothfiles1 and toothfiles2).  Here are some pictures of what it looks like when it’s done. It’s hard to read the poem in the picture but it says:
Every tooth is special.
Every Tooth has a story to say.
You kep losing them all,
Because you are growing bigger everyday. –
by Kelly from Learning Things on the fly.
Seriously I was good at Math and Science never english so I know that the poem is cheesy but I was crazy excited about it.

So if you aren’t up for this tooth project I have to tell you about two adorable ones.

This one by Handmade by Charlotte is so adorable I just want to send all my friends letters in this stationery. But be warned if you are sucked into cute things you’ll be on her website for an hour… at least.
The other adorable idea is from Filth Wizardry. It’s is so cute, and if you have preschoolers this could actually be the only blog you look at for the next three years and have enough awesome crafts and activities to do with them… I’m adding her to my blogroll as we speak.
Also Miss Tina has this adorable vector freebie that you can use to make your own chart – it’s amazing.

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  1. Kim Hiller July 16, 2013 at 3:37 pm # Reply

    Thanks for sharing this project. Although my DD has yet to lose her first tooth, we are not going to be doing the tooth fairy in our house either (along with Santa and the Easter Bunny – meanest parents ever, right?) so I was happy to find this fun project as a way to still celebrate the milestones.

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