Flash back – Dress to a bag

I save soft plastic containers…. all of them really. You know the kind that a new pair of sheets come in or the kind little kid’s undie packs are in. They aren’t recyclable… that is annoying and because of it I have about 50. Really I do… come over and see, I keep them in a huge box with a lid to hide the fact that I borderline on hoarding. Then nirvana one day, I saw this awesome tutorial from Make it do on how to make a super duper drawstring bag with a little peek-a-boo window… made out of…  you guessed it – that soft plastic. I was even more recycly, if that is a word, by making it out of a dress my girls didn’t fit into properly. Here are some pictures, but check out the blog for a tutorial, it is super easy to follow… Julie and KC I’m thinking you two could whip up bunches of these… I have extra plastic if you need.

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