Flashback – Sassy Pant’s Mermaid Party

Birthday parties were big in my family. My dad always made a fuss over us on our birthdays and because of it I love to celebrate my girls on their birthdays.  My dad would take candy to the florist and have them put it in a corsage for me to where at school and we always go to pick where we were going to eat.  We would always have a kids party at somewhere cool like the skating rink or the batting cage.  Needless to say we go big on birthdays… not expensive – just big. The birthday girl will pick a theme at least 2 months ahead of time and then we think of fun activities and games to play. It is such a fun time for us and we usually are consumed by it the last month right before.  I’m glad the girls birthdays are separated by 6 months it would be hard if they were close.
This post is about Sassy Pant’s 5th birthday party. She was so excited about mermaids and havinga magical birthday. We found this post on how to make mermaid tails from Living the creative life.  They are adorable and easy to make. We bought the real deal fabric for Sassy Pants tail, sequins and organza. We wanted to make tails for all the girls coming to the party so I went to Jomar the cheapest fabric store in the world and I bought pink and purple knit for a dollar a yard and then shiny lining material for a $1 a yard as well. I think all together for all the tails I spent $18. To make the friends tails I just sewed a tube, cut up the sides to make triangle shapes. Then I cut the lining in rectangles and bunched it up and sewed it to the bottom to form the tail bottom. The best part is that I didn’t have to fray check the edge I just used a lighter and melted the edges and it looked great. For the top I just used 1/4 inch elastic and sewed it into a belt and then flipped the fabric over and sewed. I didn’t even flip the fabric under I just left the edge raw.
I couldn’t find a tutorial to make Sassy pants shirt. She was adamant that mermaids show their belly (which is something we don’t usually allow even in bathing suits) but she was so excited I was hoping I could make a shirt that just showed it a little bit.  I decided to make it lined since the sequined material was itchy inside. Hopefully this picture will help I can draw a tutorial if you would like it. I cut out 4 pieces. Front and back of sequined and a front and back of knit. I also found this cool elastic sequined ribbon that I used for the straps.
The food was super fun to make. We did a whole bunch of easy little things.  The first were these ocean pretzels. I just melted blue candy melts and dipped the pretzels in it… the messier the better to look like water. Then I dipped them in graham cracker crumbs and put on star sprinkles. The next were the chocolate shells. I got the mold at Michael’s for $1.50 with a coupon and I just filled them with pink and white candy melts, really easy but they looked awesome. Next we made some star shaped sugar cookies with pink sugar ontop. I put gold fish in a fish bowl and sour gummies in a container. The Jellyfish were by far the most difficult to make I took pink and white meringues and stuck cut up gummy worms to the bottm with chocolate melts. The legs kept falling off.  The  Cookie clams  were my favorite, they were so cute, absolutely adorable and they were so easy to make. I got almond cookie at the dollar store and used pink chocolate melts for the inside and it helped keep the top of the clam up. The pearl was a yogurt covered raisin. I made the cake with an ikea mold that looked cool afterwards as a bowl for the chips. I covered the cake with blue icing to look like the ocean and put graham crackers on top to look like a beach. I put on these mermaids that I found at a garage sale – I think they are from the Tinker bell collection. I decorated with pink edible pearls and shells and put it on a cake plate and it was all done.
The next part of the party planning was figuring out what we were going to do. As the girls came in we turned them into mermaids with a tail some face paint and a shell barrett. They colored mermaid pictures of themselves while we waited for everyone to get there. Then we opened up our treasure map. I found the printable at Hip Hip Hooray. I used google maps to get a picture of my back yard and I put it in the trasure map and then I numbered spots where I was going to hide the bottles. I also hid about 40 spray painted gold shells. The girls ran all over the back yard picking up shells and searching for the bottles using the map.  In each of the bottles I put one letter (since they are only preschoolers) and when they found all the bottles they openned them in order and read out the letters. Miss Thing then read the word “dryer” and all the mermaids ran into the house and openned the dryer to find a treasure chest that I got at Michael’s for $8 after the coupon. I just painted it to look like a treasure chest. When they openned the chest there was  tiaras and wands inside for them to decorate with gems and beads. The wands were to use with the bubble solution I made with this tutorial.
Next the girls had free time to play with   Cloud dough Sandtable , ocean playdough, and sock fishing. To make the socks fish we just put a magnet in them and then stuffed them. The girls actually mostly played on the playground. We opened up and used the big bubble wand. The girls loved the huge bubbles and it looked cool for the pictures to have mermaids surrounded by huge bubbles.  Then we had cake and treats and ended the time with  Bubble pinatas  . The party was an absolute blast!
mermaidactivitiesmermaidextrasThe top right picture is dryer sheets. We dyed them blue and then sewed them for goodie bags. They were sort of cute and free. It is so much easier to sew them after you iron them – and definitely use fabric scissors.  Below that is the face painting station. The very bottom right shows the mermaid pictures that the girls colored in. It is actually their faces on those mermaids – I used this tutorial to make them into a coloring page. And that last picture is Sassy pant’s very famous fishy face.
mermaidprep1. Epic fail – I tried to use an ikea ice cube tray to make crayons, it did not work, they wouldn’t come out.
2. The pipe cleaner wands that were then used to blow bubbles.
3. Best score – These little mermaids were at the dollar store with two in a pack and they each came with a tiara and a brush. They work really well in the bath.
4. How to get the clam shells to stay up while the candy melt is hardening.
5. One of the girls colored in mermaid.
6. How we spray painted the golden shells.

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3 Responses to “Flashback – Sassy Pant’s Mermaid Party”

  1. Julie January 13, 2013 at 7:54 am # Reply

    Such an awesome birthday party!

  2. Kerin January 15, 2013 at 2:33 pm # Reply

    Your parties are always so amazing, and this one was a big hit!

    • Kelly January 15, 2013 at 8:28 pm # Reply

      I think it helps when you put that many 4 and 5 year old girls together… I wonder what parties are like when they are for middle schoolers?

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