Girls in Engineering

So I’m pretty sure that I’m going to try and make something fun on this blog for young girls to do that will give them some engineering fun. I have somethings in the works and I’ll let you know soon all about it. Until that time I wanted to talk about Goldie blox. Goldie blox is a toy developed by an engineer named Debbie Sterling who felt that while boys would try and figure things out and play with building toys, girl prefered reading. She tried to encorporate girls interest of reading with a special set of building blocks with characters to work through some engineering adventures. We are on the waiting list for the toy – all paid and just waiting for the glorious day when it’ll show up!
Then there is another awesome girls engineering toy that will be coming out soon Roominate. Its a great idea where girls will get to design the doll house, but the super cool thing is that they can wire it up with electricity. They can power things to spin, light  up or move. Check out the or flipper article to read all about it,  and hear about how girls’ access to building and mechanical toys can help spark engineering interest.

The goal of the push for girls in engineering is to level the playing field. So much of what girls are exposed to compared to what boys are exposed to creates different interests. The blue aisles in Target have legos and cars and trains – all things that attract interest in engineering principles and bulding and exploring. The pink aisles are filled with dolls and dress up toys. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great for girls to have dolls and nurture their maternal nature and their imagination with dress up toys…. but what about their engneering nature.  It’s funny I never realized how blessed I was to have an older brother. I had exposure to legos and tinker toys and video games all giving me a certain understanding of mechanical and electronic principles without even knowing that I was absorbing them. I have two girls… sometimes the pink is nauseating. It is actually an intentional choice to provide them with these other options from the gender specific girl stuff. I would be curious to see how many women engineers had older brothers or parents that were intentional about their environment – there might not be a connection, but I can’t help to think about it.  And I really want to buy this toy for my kids… its very gender neutral.

Great building toys of the past

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