It’s Cookie Time

January 18th starts the date of official cookie selling time – a date that never ever meant anything to me, until well my little girl grew into a daisy and now a brownie. I was never a Girl Scout, so the whole world of camping, friendship circles, and hardcore cookie selling is new to me. I’m an assistant to a very awesome Girl Scout leader who is always thinking of great ways for the girls to get involved. We are doing the wonders of Water journey and the girls have really learned so much already. They know the water cycle and have learned about those without access to clean water. But now they will learn about money and running a business and marketing, which are also good skills. To get them excited about the cookie selling I’ve made a little Girl Scout Cookie Finger twister. If you’ve eaten at Burger King lately they wre giving finger twister games away, they are super simple and a really cute idea. So here is my attempt at a cookie version.
Girl Scout Finger TwisterJust print out the pdf (girlscoutsfingertwisterboard ) and laminate if you would like… I love laminating (I think it’s the homeschooler in me.) Since I was a middle school math teacher I have tons and tons of spinner parts so I made mine into a spinner this way, but if you don’t have that you can always follow this post to make one or even simpler than that if you put the paper clip in the middle with a pencil tip holding it in place it works as a temporary spinner. Or you can make one with a brad. Here is my attempt at some sketches to help you understand what I’m talking about.
Game spinnerGood Luck with your cookie selling… and since most of you taht read this blog live within 2 miles of me let me know if you want cookies – I can be your hook up!

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  1. Erica January 11, 2013 at 12:12 pm # Reply

    You are awesome! I’m going to borrow this….I will give you full credit of course :)!!

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