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oliveusI can’t even remember what blog I was reading that led us to Olive us months ago while we were still homeschooling. My girls are enchanted with it – I think they like it because it’s just kids – real kids, doing real things. We have watched the lemonade stand video at least 20 times. I also remember when the girls thought we could pull off that kind of video and discussed making our own video several times, I tried to explain that it probably wasn’t going to look like it and that they had some professional help. The kids still disagreed and we attempted at making our own, it never worked  – there were two little girls with very different artistic opinions so we’re sticking to our lego stop action movies.
So up until today we have seen up to Ghost town. Right now Sassy Pants (age 5) and I are watching episodes, 12, 13, 14, and 15. I must say they never disappoint. I love the intro music and also the music choices through the whole episodes. I love the camera angles and the overall quality cinematography, and my girls love that there are so many kids. I think deep down every kis would like to have all those brothers and sisters… at least in theory. The family is so kind and caring towards eachother that I think my kids are drawn into their family and want to find out more.
Sassy Pants says that she loves all the videos. She does say that she likes it best when they talk so she can hear what they are thinking – she really likes when Maude and Ralph were explaining the video about doing Dad’s taxes. Both girls thought that was hilarious and it led to a whole discussion about taxes.  I tried to dig deeper, what else do you like?- she was impressed with Ralph jumping out from the tree in the Christmas tree episode. But overall it all comes back to Lemonade stand… we love Oscar and how he can eat a whole lot of lemons, we love the brainstorming, we love the cowboy outfit, and we love when they all decorated the stand. It is deifnitely our favorite. Thanks Blair family for some good wholesome videos for our whole family to watch.

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2 Responses to “Olive us…”

  1. Chantel January 10, 2013 at 1:59 pm # Reply

    I had never heard of Olive Us before so I headed over and I think I am addicted! This would be so fun to do!

    • Kelly January 10, 2013 at 2:35 pm # Reply

      It’s gotta help living in the French countryside like they do! I love how much the Blair kids look like they love doing it.

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