Project life – week 1 ?

I love taking pictures and having scrapbooks and recording memories and feeling and happiness. I love to give the girls interviews and try to capture the moments, but it can be slightly overwhelming. When Miss Thing was born I paper scrapped, and then by the time Sassy Pants came along I was digital scrapbooking. I love the ease of digital but I truly miss the quality of printed pictures. Also I have two full scrapbooks for Miss Thing’s first year and none for Sassy Pants. Don’t get me wrong I make one for every birthday so its not like she doesn’t have anything, but with two little ones I couldn’t find the time to scrapbook.
This brings me to this year. I found out about Project Life. Check out the video.
I wasn’t sold at first but then I saw all the amazing things that people were doing on pinterest. Here is my project life Pinterest board, some of these are so incredible I can’t stop looking at them. So I decided that the beginning of the school year would be my week 1. Unfortunately I got side tracked by Sassy Pant’s birthday party and marathon training. So now it is really the beginning of the year so I’m going to make a huge effort to keep on track. I have some tips that I use and some files for you to download, but since I’m not using my kids faces on this blog it seems silly to show the layouts. But here is the first one all sorts of blanked out, but just so you get the idea.
projectlifeHere is my method for making a layout. I open all the pictures from my iphone and real camera for the week in photoshop elements. I pick some inspiration, which usually means I find a freebie set of cards and use them for the week. This week I went with the cool browpaper look of this free My life in Photos set from Three Paper Peonies. Then I try to use a mix of pictures and journaling. I think what really makes it cool are all of the digital “elements” that you add to the pictures like frames, arrows, journaling etc. You can do this with gel pens actually on your photos or I just do it in Photoshop elements. Don’t dismay if you don’t have a photoediting program – here are a list of 20 good ones that will hopefully get you going. I also try to pick a color palatte and maybe two fonts… I don’t really know how to use more than two fonts well so I use the two back and forth. I use the basic A sleeve which is 4 4x6s and 4 3x4s so I use this photoshop file while I’m working on pictures to see how they would look all together.
Also a side note if you only take your photos with instagram there are lots of free templates so that you can put the instagram picture into a 4×6 picture size. Here are some files I made for you to use with your project life.
Project life filesThese files are the frames for either a 4×6 picture or a 3×4 picture and in photoshop or in elements you can click on the type and the frame and change the color or change the font.
Here are the files – download through Media Fire.
Mon 3×4   Tuesday 3×4  Wednesday 3×4  Thursday 3×4 Friday 3×4 Saturday 3×4 Sunday 3×4
Mon 4×6   Tuesday 4×6  Wednesday 4×6  Thursday 4×6 Friday 4×6 Saturday 4×6 Sunday 4×6
I apologize for not zipping these files and making them one download – I have yet to learn to do that, but I will try! Here is the download for the 4×6 that has four different sections in it separated by thin white lines. So after I have all my pictures set I take my 3×4 pictures and put them into this file. It is a 4×6 with two layers for you to drop in 2 of your 3x4s so that you can print them out as a 4×6. Is that confusing? The middle row of the album’s sleeves are 3x4s but you can’t print pictures out that size so I put them on one 4×6 image and then cut them up. I usually use my corner rounder but it won’t work with these frames. Maybe next week I’ll try to make templates that you can use and still round the corners. I print my pictures out at costco which have great photoprinting services – highly recommended online compared to the others like target, walmart, walgreens, etc. Their regular rate for a 4×6 is 13 cents. I need 12 4x6s to fill a two page spread so in the end it costs me $1.56 a week to have a really fun scrapbook. Hopefully I can keep it up all year long!  Oh yeah I almost forgot. My front page is going to be with these files by Cathy z – she’s an amazing graphic designer that really just makes me want to do project life better.

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  1. Jhari March 6, 2013 at 6:21 am # Reply

    I downloaded the template. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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