Something fun at dinner time?

My girls can talk. I mean really talk. You might not know it if you’ve met them because Sassy Pants is pretty shy and a bit of an introvert, but that really just means that she saves all of her words for us. Last year when I was homeschooling it had gotten so bad that I started getting books on CD to listen to because it was nonstop chit chat from both girls at the same time everytime we were in the car. So it is their joy to have fun stuff to talk about at dinner time. We have been very happy with How Does She’s family dinner questions. These help us all have a focused conversation togther listening to each other’s answers, it’s a great skill to practice. We have almost finished all the questions, and I never made them cute I just left them on printed sheets. Then yesterday I got Paper Coterie’s free journaling prompts. They are graphically adorable. I thought I would use them for a little weekly journaling for my project life scrapbook, but then I realized they would be perfect for our dinner time questions. I set up a jar like they instructed and it’s adorable – see! If you are interested in having questions to talk about at dinner these are great, but be forewarned they aren’t really for the preschool set, more for elementary and above. If you have preschoolers you should check out the How Does she link (they even have fun facts like… how long can an adult Kangaroo jump? 30 feet – can you believe that?) or I found this link about 100 questions to ask your kids.. this would be great too.


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