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Frequent Bible Carrier Card
One of the hats I wear is Sunday School teacher. I would always help out with my kids’ classes which were the younger Sunday School classes.  It was easy and very rarely did I have to prepare too much. It was a lot of play and story telling and on the floor games and dancing – really my forte. I thought that I should try to help in an older class – I mean I was a middle school teacher that should really be my jam. So now I teach 3rd grade Sunday school. Third graders are a hard sell. They are kinda too cool but kinda still silly and fun. It has been trial and error but I’ve really been learning what seems to float their boats. One thing I started off with was a Frequent Bible Carrier card. The 4th grade class at our church is no joke – its the real deal Bible Study and I wanted to at least get the kids prepared in some way so I made these cards. I keep them with me a tthe church and every week we hole punch the car for each individual kid if they bring their bible.
Here is the pdf it comes in purple and aqua (frequentbiblecardsaqua) and (frequentbiblecardspurple). The design idea came from these adorable Good deed punch cards from eighteeen 25 – the whole blog is amazing – you can spend hours… I did. I made the cards this way so there isn’t really any extra paper just cut down the middle and then 3 cuts and done. You can cut each one across and then each in half but that is a lot more cuts and the engineer in me says its not as efficient – but to each their own.. I’m sure my grammatical friends always cringe at my ridiculously poor grammar.


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