The joy of dollar store Foam core

We have our cookie rally tomorrow and our troop is doing a skit where they are at the Westminster Cookie show and they walk the cookies past the judges like the dogs at the Westminster dog show. We printed out big pictures of the cookie and then glued them onto dollar store foam core (2 pieces for a dollar) then I cut long pieces of foam core to act like the “leashes” of the cookies.
girlscoutcookiedogs(each of those cookies is about 9 inches across)
I love foam core,  if you have a straight cutter you can rally make anything out of it. Because the outsides are paper it is great for using markers on, painting, even watercoloring. Here are some previous projects I’ve made with it.

We had a Horton Hears a Who house decorating for my daughters Kindergarten class so this is the bird and a model of whoville made out of you guessed it… dollar store foam core.
The other thing I’ve made with foam core is this little fairy playground. I had seen the one on the left in osme magazine and couldn’t believe it cost almost $90. I knew that my girls and I could make something similar… here are some pictures of our process.

The only thing about foam core is if you waterpaint it you have to paint both sides so that it can dry straight.

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