40 Days of fitness – Day 36

Do your one thing!

Today is not really a tip and I don’t suggest it for everyone. If you know you would like to lose weight and you have some weight to lose I offer up the 3 day military diet. It’s real food (but not a whole bunch – I supplemented the two last days with cashews). But I really thought it was helpful, I had energy and I enjoyed the food (you need to like hard boiled eggs, tuna, and vanilla ice cream – which happen to be three of my favorites). It’s only three days and they say you can keep repeating it after four days off. I only did it once to help me with a couple of pounds that I put on a couple of weeks before my marathon that I was afraid would slow me down. I think I ended up losing about 4 pounds. I probably would have lost more if I didn’t eat the cashews :). Here is the link. But again please remember this is really just a jump start or something to do iff you plateau – I don’t really think it is a sustainable diet. mmm I love tuna fish – I ate mine with mustard… I really like tuna and mustard, but I may just be weird.

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