40 Days of Fitness – Day 37

Do your one thing!
Seriously ending strong is not my cup of tea. I am an ENFP in the Meyers Briggs personality test which means I’m all about the new thing but not great at following through! I’ve still been doing the minimum of the push ups but I’m not running as much as I use to and yesterday I didn’t do any exercise besides the push ups… alas… I will need a new goal to get excited about. I think I’m going to do Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. It’s short and I can do it everyday. I’ll keep you updated, but not daily after these 40 days.
So todays tip – Keep updating your goals. If you are like me and need a constant renewed push then keep it fresh. I love my daughters and husband dearly so including them is what helps me, but there will be something that will work for you as well. It could be a friend as accountability, a running date weekly, or trying to top your longest plank, a new race, or having needed alone time if you are an introvert with long walks. Try different things and then rotate what works. Being healthy is a life choice that you make daily and when you are starting to wane in your excitement, try something else.

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