40 days of Fitness – Days 31 – 34

Do your one thing! 4 times
I apologize to all those who havebeen following. My life became pretty hectic for a couple of days. But it is now calm. I am going to give you 4 tips all in one.

1. Don’t give up! If you fell off the wagon – get right back on. Consistency is key, but anything is better than nothing. If you made it through the whole day and it wasn’t a good day, do something quick before bed to end ona good note – anything from an extra glass of water to push ups or crunches… do something.
2. Have healthy snacks available! It is my downfall – we have some unhealthy things in our house for my hubby. They are alwasy so easy to grab – don’t do it, have some healthy options easy to grab.
3. Sugar is like a drug! It really is. The less you eat – the less you want to eat. Try to cut back Monday through Friday and see how you feel. And then you’ll see when you start eating it on the weekends that it really does affect your cravings.
4. Be proud of yourself. Make sure that you kind find something everyday that you did well. Make this a joyful experience, don’t always just be toughon yourself.

Sorry I missed some days… but I’m back and I’ll be here tomorrow and the next day.

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