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I belong to a card club. Not the kind where we play Bunko or Bridge but the kind where we make homemade cards together. There are nine of us and we each make 9 of the same card and then we give one to each other so that we have 9 different cards to use. It has saved me so much money in buying cards and it gives me a wonderfully creative outlet for a useful purpose. It doesn’t hurt that we were all in the Moms club together when our kids were babies and now that most of them are in school it gives us a good reason to still get together and talk and laugh. It is amazing to see the different ideas and techniques used. You can see some of our cards in the pictures below. Every now and then we have an original idea but most things have been inspired or directly copied from something we’ve seen on pinterest.

I copied the design from this awesome card maker and then I used this image for the envelope template and now I’m pretty sure I’m going to ask for that punch for my birthday… it is really the cutest. I got the digital paper for the inside of the envelope at Free digital scrapbooking paper . I had gotten some winter cards at Joanns on clearance so I picked some of the blue ones that didn’t have snowflakes on them. I went with a white envelope instead of the craft brown just because of the color palate and I nixed the ribbon – mostly because I was tired.
Here is a template of the envelopes. (envelope template)
cardtwoBut by far the coolest thing I learned by making this card is that you can print pretty easily on the premade cards you can buy at craft stores using Microsoft word. This is huge for me since I don’t have a lot of stamps so I’m stuck printing on cardstock and then cutting it out and pasting it on the cards… why didn’t I just think of printing right on the card? I found the tutorial on how to do this here.


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