March Madness for kids (more than you want to know about March Madness)

I remember sitting in the hospital breathing through contractions and watching the NCAA Selection show. It’s where the college basketball teams get their standing for the NCAA basketball march madness tournament – we were waiting paitently for a number 1 seed for our beloved Tar Heels. I was litterally squeezing my hubbies hand while they were paning back and forth between schools and placings.
My husband will probably be annoyed by all of my incorrect verbage in this post, but here goes anyway. I love sports, I love playing them and for the most part I like watching them… but really no one can keep up with my husband he can tell you everything about everything he even knows facts about random sports like curling. So having a baby born in March well… there was no choice but to have March Madness become one of our traditions. (Side note we watched the Home run Derby and the all-star game for baseball on our honeymoon… apparently we like to remember major life events with sporting events.) So since my oldest was 4 we’ve always picked brackets for March Madness… My husband and I don’t gamble… but this is just for family bragging rights. It is also a great opportunity for the girls to bond with their dad, learn about sports, and learn some graphic organizer skills.
We always go over about how the number next the team tells how good they are so a number 1 should beat a number 16 etc. My husband likes to take this opportunity to discuss upsets and the underdog. Last year my youngest picked every team based on numbers even 8 vs 9 she picked the 8. It was fun to see all of the upsets on her paper. This year at 8 and 5 the girls have done this enough times to see how it really works they would ask their Dad information about the teams and even what color do they wear to make their decisions. The brackets were filled in and we were ready to see who was going to win. The first night of games my oldest daughter got every pick right but one, my husband was floored. She ended the first round 24-8 an amazing showing. My youngest was frustrated… but my husband showed her that all of her final four picks were still in and that Miss Thing my oldest had lost some… there was still hope. Now that it is over I’m happy to declare that my youngest daughter won!!! She was beyond elated and it made for a great family experience. We hope that you do it next year… maybe I should start a pool for kids… not for money but just for fun :)
If you want to print yours this is the one we use from ESPN.

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