Princess Camp

Last summer while Miss Thing (8 years old) was in drama camp, I wanted to do something for Sassy Pants to get her reacquainted with her preschool buddies (Sassy pants is as shy as she is sassy). So we planned a three-day princess camp. Sassy Pants and I probed pinterest. We decided to have each day centered around a different princess (Rapunzel, Tiana, and Ariel.) For the Rapunzel day we focused on art stuff since Rapunzel was a great painter, Tiana we focused on food, and Ariel was a fun water day.  pcpreworkThere was definitely some prep work. We made these adorable cone piñata towers using these instructions. I also made each girl a Rapunzel hair piece for them to decorate and wear. I found that wrapping the yarn around my foot and hand I could wrap it enough times and make it long enough to be Rapunzelesque. I then tied a hair band around the loop and tied a knot, cut the one end and braided. After I got in a groove it only took me about 45 minutes to do all 8 Rapunzel braids. Then the girls and I made frog prince salt dough. We made a simple salt dough recipe and then used this adorable sandwich cutter to cut it out. As you can see, my girls were more than willing to test it out.

The Rapunzel Day was my favorite. The girls were just so excited to all be together it was a whole three hours of giggles and laughs. We met from 9:30-12:30 so I made the girls a snack each day. On the first day I cut paper plates to look like palettes and then put rainbow fruit on it. The girls each shared and traded for what they liked best. In the Rapunzel movie Rapunzel makes Pascal, her chameleon, a dress. I had each girl bring a Barbie type doll and we watercolored onto a mini coffee filter to make skirts. I cut out the hole in the middle and taped the skirts after they were dry while the girls had their snack. The I facepainted each girl and they played dress up for a while. Next they had the tower treats and then they decorated their long pink braids with flowers like the little girls did for Rapunzel in the movie. Day 1 done! pcday1rapunzelDay 2 was our cooking with Tiana day. First the girls colored in princess pictures as we waited for everyone to get there. Then we played the frog jump. We won these little frogs in a Burger King kids meal and I had the girls race jumping them along. Then I had set up an egg hunt and the girls looked for the eggs in the bedrooms upstairs. I put little bits of the cookie recipe in each egg and we all came together to figure out what it said.  After that, I broke the girls in half. Half painted their salt dough frog princes while the other half baked mixed and baked snow white sugar cookies… I know why snow white? The were the only princess cutters I had (by the way the Williams and Sonoma Cookie cutters are awesome.) After everyone finished both tasks the girls made friendship mix. I learned about this from my awesome friend Melissa. Each girl brought something in and they pour it into a big bowl and mix it up. We had twizzlers, teddy grahams, chocolate chips, marshmallows and goldfish… surprisingly it worked. I had made cupcakes before this and they were all done cooking and the girls were able to decorate them. Not the healthiest day!pcday2tianaOur last day was Ariel day. We had a fun and wet day outside. We played hot potato with water balloons. We tried to make giant bubbles. The girls played on the playground and we used chalk to draw fish and then the girls threw water balloons at them to try to erase them. We spent most of the time in the kid carwash that we had made earlier that summer. They were beat by 11 so I put on the Ariel movie while they ate Swedish fish and goldfish. pcday3arielThe whole camp was a lot of work, it was such a blessing to Sassy pants that it was totally worth it.

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  1. Stacey July 24, 2013 at 11:56 pm # Reply

    What a wonderfully great idea. You’re awesome.

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