Homeschool Week 2 – What we did

My husband had off a bit this week so we went on some fun adventures, but learned while we played.
sightseeingWe feed the giraffes at our local zoo that are leaving and collected leaves at the zoo. They are seriously the biggest around. Then we spent all day in Philadelphia and went to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and some other places. We saw a chair that George Washington really sat in! We learned so much about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and enjoyed being together. We did top it off with a little trip to the Smith Memorial Playground which is a must if you have kids from 0-10!
homeschoolweek2Sassy Pants (age 5) made number bonds and worked on some math (We got the idea from the STEM Mom) and we used her ballerina pack from 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 1. We played Blockers ( I love this game and even kids about 4 can play with help). We also worked on our two digit number names and our place value game again.
hsweek2cWe continued on our sight words and I made both girls a scratch off for sight words and spelling words. It was pretty much the easiest thing to do with lots of excited squeals. I used this tutorial to make it and I saved the rest of the formula in a baggie so I can do it again.
hsweek2bI always feel bad that Sassy Pants (age 5) gets more fun activities and Miss Thing (age 8) has more plan old work so we were doing a little experiment with Phototropism. Our pants grow towards the window so we turned them around and looked at them twice a day to watch them face the window again. It really only took 2.5 days for them to fully turn, and it might have been quicker if it wasn’t so cloudy!
hsweek2dHere is the Sight Word book we used this week. She can read it now, but it took a little while… I made it too hard. Here is the file (minibookweek2) and here is what it looks like:minibookweek2picturesRemember to cut and fold to get it to be a little minibook.


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