Homeschool Week #3

I have a friend who rightly so gets annoyed with people always posting the light and cheery aspects of life making it appear through their blog that life is perfect. I hope you don’t think that about us – here in our house homeschooling. I like to post the little things we do in hopes that it might be an idea for someone else, and I like to post it for me to see wow – at least we did something worthwhile this week. So I thought I’d write a bit about the good and bad before we posted some pictures.
The good – We had fun with art and playdough. My youngest Sassy Pants really is coming along with her reading and is getting more brave and I’m excited to start journaling with her this week and start word families (we are going to skip sight words this week to focus on word families). We had lots of cuddles, laughs and books. We had our first science explorer’s class of the year and it was wonderful.
The bad – My house actually looks like a hurricane went through it. I’m slowly realizing that we have signed up for too many extracurricular activities and we are all feeling it. My older daughter Miss Thing is still struggling with the annoyance of seeing her little sister do light and fluffy kindergarten activities while she has some hard work she needs to get through first. We had an online fluency test that pretty much sent us all into tears.  I’m so tired I don’t want to plan extra for really fun activities, but when I don’t it’s never a good day!

Here’s a glimpse at what we’ve done:
IMG_5313We did bubble pop sight word recognition and then some copy work.
IMG_5314We played Teach your Monster to Read and I love it. It starts off with just letter sounds so Sassy Pants was little bit bored at first, but she loved making her monster and all the games after it got a little harder. It’s free, with amazing graphics and a good sound foundation. If you have a preschooler or a kindergartener you should definitely try it out!!
IMG_5339 IMG_5333 IMG_5331We went over spelling and sight words with playdough and then made our 3D shapes… I love Harry Kindergarteners 3d shape youtube video… we are constantly singing it.
IMG_5351 IMG_5352 IMG_5353 IMG_5357 IMG_5358 IMG_5360 IMG_5361We did our spelling words and sight words on paper with white crayon and then the girls painted over them – it came out really pretty and they enjoyed it, then since we had the water colors out I showed them how to use the compass with the water colors – a bit of a fail – I should have taught them first with the compass and a pencil! Then we would just plop blobs of water color onto the paper and blow it with straws… it was a lot of fun. I finished Miss Thing’s compass painting by painting it in… we all really liked our art work and ended that day in great moods… if only I could figure out more ways to do art and school.
CD plant experimentWe are still doing plants in science and the latest vocabulary term was germinate. So we took some old beans we had that we use for counters and are seeing if we can get them to sprout. We also made a little experiment out of it. These two we just put in a cd case with a wet paper towel, but then we took two more and let them soak all day in water and then we will put them in the CD case. We are going to see which sprout first.
sunriseI get up everyday at 6. I do my quiettime with Hello Mornings and study Ephesians. And I exercise. I usually have almost 2 whole hours before anyone wakes up and it really is the most nourishing time of my day. It fills me up so that I can pour out all day… granted a lot of times I’m still not ready for the day, but Thursday night my daughter was up sick all night and I got up just in time to walk with a friend, but no quiettime and came home to awake kids that I was out of sync all day. I appreciate the time by myself before I need to be with others!

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