Advent Ideas

Every year the girls and I make an  advent calendar. After we read parts of Luke 2, put in an ornament on our little board, read a holiday book and pray for a family member we see what our advent activity for the day is. They vary from year to year and I am always on the look out for more ideas. Below I’ve just posted a list of ideas to give you some ideas if you need them. PS. to set this up I print out a calendar for december and write in all the definite dates (family visits, dancing recitals, etc) since they are permanent (I count those as activities) then I look on the library websites in the area to see if they have anything cool for us to do and I put those on, and then I fill in the rest with other activities.
adventcalendarLast year we used these printed cards (they are on this blog, but they have taken down the printable) , but this year I’m going to use these scratch off cards instead because they seem fun. The other cards are a little easier because I just put a yellow post it on the back with the activity so I can change them around. These are set, so hopefully everything goes according to plan :).

Here are some ideas…
Game night
Tickets to ride around and see the lights – I like these printables
Make grandparent scrapbooks (go to Michaels)
Send postcards to cousins
take treats to a neighbor
plan the holiday ornament day
have the holiday ornament day
Dinner by candle light – longest day of the year – dec 21
national cocoa day – eat lots of chocolate – dec 13
Make snowflakes
Lets eat candy canes – in cereal on top of everything!
Decorate the outside of the house
Decorate the tree
Make reindeer cookies
Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn – or do it with a friend
Christmas Dance Party while cleaning the house
Call relatives and sing a Christmas carol
Wrap gifts
Visit a nursing home
Crazy day – kids are in charge
Sweet and sassy day (we got a living social deal last year… but sadly not this year so we aren’t doing it) – but I think we’ll have a salon day
Go to the town’s tree lighting
gingerbread houses at  library
nutcracker (we go to the local Community Art center, but there is always one around)
Visit relatives
decorate cookies
Act out the nativity play – video tape it and send to friends
giving tree shopping
ice skating
Coupon for an extra late night
Make the Christmas card – choose the pictures – We use smilebox and then donate money to buy something from World Vision
Christmas Program at school
Make a birthday cake for Jesus
Make an ornament scavenger hunt – You describe an ornament and they have to find it on the tree
salt dough ornaments
Donate old but good toys to charity
Go to the dollar store or thrift store and let the kids pick out a present for each other (secretly)
Donate money to salvation army
decorate cards for your teachers
snowman pancakes for dinner or tree quesadillas
diy cardboard gingerbread houses  or make a life-sized one!
photoshoot day
decorate the christmas envelopes to go out
Wrap presents
decorate the tree
Put lights on the house outside
We have a friend who last year sent us cards once a week… this year we are going to try to one up them!

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