Doll Making for Christmas

If you read my last post you saw that I learned that things can get stressful in December with all of the activities and magic that gets made. Something that is stressful and stress-relieving for me at the same time is making presents. I love making something cute/fun/perfect for one of my loved ones, but often it is very time consuming and is almost always more expensive than if I bought a gift.
Last year I made my youngest daughter a soft Lalaoopsy type doll, that I found directions for at the amazing My Froggy Stuff. I made my daughters best friend from kindergarten a pair of dolls from the Wee Wonderful’s Kit, Chloe, and Louise doll pattern. They were so lovable my older daughter would hold and look at them longingly, but I was so done with making them after making those two.4(We made the little girl a book about the dolls friendship.)
I have two nieces that are 6 and 4. They are the only relatives close that are my daughter’s age and their mom and I are super tight even though she is related to my husband. They are all about each other so I knew I wanted to make them something matchy matchy. Then I found dollie and me nightgowns on sale at Kohl’s… now I just needed dolls so I went to the cutest doll pattern I’ve ever seen… the Wee Wonderfuls Kit, Chlole and Louise pattern. It didn’t cost anything because I had the pattern, fabric and yarn already (I’m like a mini joanns at my house).
Here are some pictures along the way. All the girls love superheroes (my daughters 5th birthday was a superhero party) so I decided to give the dolls a super hero outfit and then save the matching night gowns for a surprise gift.dollmakingIt definitely saved time making them factory style, but I was getting a little crazy at the end. Since the dolls look similar I drew little hearts that said super and their names. Next came the hair and their faces. I sewed on felt circles for their eyes and used a fabric marker for the facial features.doolshairFor three of the dolls I used the directions for Louise’s hair and for my younger daughter I used the directions for Chloe’s hair… if I could redo it I wouldn’t have used the Chloe pattern hair it made a bump in the back. My older daughter’s doll is my favorite because I used two types of yarn and it really looked like her hair.  If you don’t like how you can see the scalp Imagine our life made her wigs differently which is pretty cool.doll4I was sewed out after making the dolls so the clothes are simple. I used knit and fleece so I didn’t have to finish edges. The skirts are just circles like donuts – no elastic – the belts hold them up! And the shirts are all done differently and I couldn’t get any one to really work well. I was just too tired to find a pattern and I didn’t want the shirts to open in the back. The capes are pretty simple and it was fun to make each girl’s different with their favorite colors. I’m most proud of the boots. I used the bottom oval from the pattern and then tried different shapes that would kind of look like boots.bootsI then embellished them with some felt stripes. I also used fabric to make simple masks. You can see one doll has a heart on her mask… I forgot to sew the elastic between the two pieces so I sewed on the heart to cover up the mistake… don’t be fooled – these dolls have so many mistakes, but the eyes of these little girls didn’t notice.dolls2dolls3 doll5 doll3dollsdonesuperdollsI used iron on printable fabric to make the letters on their capes.. and then as you can see I decided to make them little super dogs as side kicks. These four girls are huge dog fans so I thought it would be a nice touch. I used this Scottie dog pattern and made it smaller and then adapted it to make a wiener dog pattern (which wasn’t as easy to make and didn’t come out half as good).superdogsThe dogs being side kicks and all needed masks and capes… totally not worth it except for pictures they were ripped and lost within the first five minutes the dolls were in action.
And finally after they were superheroes for an hour I gave them the matching nightgowns. I’m glad we slept over. I have to alter the sleeves of all the doll nightgowns because these are only 16 in dolls, but the length was fine since it’s just a nightgown. girlsnightgowns

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One Response to “Doll Making for Christmas”

  1. Pallavi Patel February 12, 2014 at 11:13 pm #

    These are adorable! I love the superhero dolls! You did a great job Kelly! I have been wanting to make the wee wonderfuls dolls for my kiddos but am nervous to start. Where these dolls very hard to make? I have beginner sewing skills. What type of fabric did you use for the bodies? Thank you for sharing!