About Me

Hello wonderful blog world,
I am writing this blog to chronicle my life adventure. I was an engineer and I am now a stay-at-home mom of two little girls trying to adopt a third child with my wonderful husband. I was raised by my father and I feel like I was uniquely brought up to be a great engineer in that I have all my dad’s analytical skills, desire to figure things out and an inability to multitask. Even though my dad was about the most amazing father I could have asked for and because of him I have a profound love of sports and can hold my own with most technical talk, I severely lacked any homemaking and mothering skills. Granted I’ve been married for over 10 years and since my oldest is almost 8 – I have learned a lot! I wish I started this blog in the begining when I didn’t realize you had to wait for water to boil before you put macaroni in it and before I learned that you actually have to clean your bathroom regularly not just when there is something severely wrong with it. Being blessed to stay home has been a wonderful learning experience for me and I’m just here to let you know what I’ve learned I try to help you steer away from the major fails.
This blog is also to document our families recent desire to live a simpler more intentional life. With the adoption process and learning more about the culture where our child is coming from we have realized that we live a very American life. We are hoping to cut back, do with out, and learn skills to do better. I have a feeling we will have a lot of fails to share with you on this topic.
I love the internet and mom blogs. I love women sharing their hearts and their struggles and trying to help others along, but I realize that only what we want really shows up on the blogs. It would be awesome if I could homeschool like Carissa or Erica, if I could have quite time and Bible studies like Jen, if I could live simply like Tsh, if I could be true to my art and choose joy like Ashley, sew like Dana,  and seriously if I could take pictures and create themes like Katherine Marie oh it would be awesome. I don’t actually know any of these wonderfully awesome women (exept once I emailed back and forth with Carissa and I felt like I was talking with a movie star!), but everyday I read their words and I’m inspired to do my best. I hope that I can do the same and in the same process learn what “thing” needs my time and what things I can cut out… mostly I really just want to do the “things” He wants me to do.
As a side note – I did once have another blog, mostly about crafts and making gifts instead of buying ones. My husband didn’t like having our daughters pictures up on the Internet, it was hard for me, but I do agree that compromise is healthy for a couple especially when one feels so strongly about the topic. So I’m taking a note from Teach Mama and there are actually no pictures of my kids faces and hopefully I can keep their identities private for my family’s sake, but still use fun pictures because oh how I love pictures.

This is where I post things not related to STEM.