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40 Days of Fitness – Day 38

Do your one thing! I now think after 38 days that I will continue to do push ups everyday. Maybe not 50 and maybe not always on my feet, but I have kind of grown fond of it. I hope it is true of the thing you are doing too.
Today’s Tip – Check out Live Better America – I have used their recipes so many times and they are easy to use. I just found out that they have a fitness section too. It’s definitely worth a look.

40 Days of Fitness – Day 37

Do your one thing!
Seriously ending strong is not my cup of tea. I am an ENFP in the Meyers Briggs personality test which means I’m all about the new thing but not great at following through! I’ve still been doing the minimum of the push ups but I’m not running as much as I use to and yesterday I didn’t do any exercise besides the push ups… alas… I will need a new goal to get excited about. I think I’m going to do Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. It’s short and I can do it everyday. I’ll keep you updated, but not daily after these 40 days.
So todays tip – Keep updating your goals. If you are like me and need a constant renewed push then keep it fresh. I love my daughters and husband dearly so including them is what helps me, but there will be something that will work for you as well. It could be a friend as accountability, a running date weekly, or trying to top your longest plank, a new race, or having needed alone time if you are an introvert with long walks. Try different things and then rotate what works. Being healthy is a life choice that you make daily and when you are starting to wane in your excitement, try something else.

40 Days of fitness – Day 36

Do your one thing!

Today is not really a tip and I don’t suggest it for everyone. If you know you would like to lose weight and you have some weight to lose I offer up the 3 day military diet. It’s real food (but not a whole bunch – I supplemented the two last days with cashews). But I really thought it was helpful, I had energy and I enjoyed the food (you need to like hard boiled eggs, tuna, and vanilla ice cream – which happen to be three of my favorites). It’s only three days and they say you can keep repeating it after four days off. I only did it once to help me with a couple of pounds that I put on a couple of weeks before my marathon that I was afraid would slow me down. I think I ended up losing about 4 pounds. I probably would have lost more if I didn’t eat the cashews :). Here is the link. But again please remember this is really just a jump start or something to do iff you plateau – I don’t really think it is a sustainable diet. mmm I love tuna fish – I ate mine with mustard… I really like tuna and mustard, but I may just be weird.

40 Days of fitness – Day 35

Do your one thing!
Todays tip – Plan for exercising with your kids in the spring. Schedule a family walk after dinner every night,m or at least Every Tuesday or something. Go for Bike Rides, play wii, have a relay race, or my favorite – jump rope! This will show your kids that exercising is important to you and it will be something that they will begin to think is important as well.

40 days of Fitness – Days 31 – 34

Do your one thing! 4 times
I apologize to all those who havebeen following. My life became pretty hectic for a couple of days. But it is now calm. I am going to give you 4 tips all in one.

1. Don’t give up! If you fell off the wagon – get right back on. Consistency is key, but anything is better than nothing. If you made it through the whole day and it wasn’t a good day, do something quick before bed to end ona good note – anything from an extra glass of water to push ups or crunches… do something.
2. Have healthy snacks available! It is my downfall – we have some unhealthy things in our house for my hubby. They are alwasy so easy to grab – don’t do it, have some healthy options easy to grab.
3. Sugar is like a drug! It really is. The less you eat – the less you want to eat. Try to cut back Monday through Friday and see how you feel. And then you’ll see when you start eating it on the weekends that it really does affect your cravings.
4. Be proud of yourself. Make sure that you kind find something everyday that you did well. Make this a joyful experience, don’t always just be toughon yourself.

Sorry I missed some days… but I’m back and I’ll be here tomorrow and the next day.

40 days of Fitness – Day 30

Do your one thing!

They often say it takes a month to make a habit, so if you’ve been doing your one thing everyday then you should be able to continue to do it.

Today I just want to say something about racing. If you’ve never been in a race you should consider it. It is great motivation, it’s great accountability, and it is fun. You can pick a race to sponsor a cause – I really love The Muckfest – a 6 mile course in the mud to raise money for MS research, it’s really not that much running and you spend most of your time going through obstacles or if your are into biking there is the City to the Shore bike ride. Or you can do the Crush Childhood Cancer 5K that is coming up in May. There are walks/runs/ events for Breast Cancer, Adoption, feeding America and local organizations. If these aren’t causes you are passionate about there is probably one that is about something you are passionate about – or you could even start one.  Or there are races that are just fun. There are lots of mud runs and tough mudders, there are super fun color 5Ks, and even trail runs or triathalons and outdoor triathalons. Just think about it, it really is bucket list kind of thing.

40 Days of Fitness – Day 29

Do your one thing.
I think it’s good to let you know that I haven’t lost any weight in these 29 days. I have still been eating lots of healthy food, but again still too much, but I must say I haven’t really gained either and my arms are getting so much stronger. I’ve learned that I need to do something daily or almost daily for it to stick and I need some type of accountability. For my marathon I had a set 4 day a week running plan and the accountability was the race – the 40 days of fitness my one thing of push ups is daily and the consistency is awesome (thanks again Susie for the idea) and the accountability is actually to you all. It helps knowing that I’ll have to write about it, it helps knowing that even if not a lot of people read this blog that someone still might and I need to do it.

Today’s tip – Here are weight watcher veteran’s tips for losing weight. I’d like to write in here, that not everyone needs to lose weight – it shouldn’t always be everyone’s goal. However, there are some people that would like to lose weight so I thought I’d share this. I think that it is nice to have tangible goals that really lead to a more healthy lifestyle. I would like to be stronger, actual arm strength strong. Pretty much I just watnt o be able to do 50 push ups in a row at any point of the day. I’d also like to stop eating when I’m full, and while we’re at it – I’d like to know when I’m full. I feel like if I can tackle that hurdle I won’t feel like eating has so much control over me.

What are your goals?

40 Days of Fitness – Day 28

Do your one thing!
Planking isn’t really that bad, but it ould just be that it is nice to be on my elbows after doing the push ups… if you aren’t a huge work out fan you might like the plank, it’s hard, but it isn’t a lot of moving or worrying that you are getting it right.

Today’s tip – eat a salad. Granted I need salad to fill up the huge vat I have for a stomach – really I am the shining example of the empty leg… there is no end to the amount of food I can consume. But it’s also good to have a salad to load up on great nutrients. Check out these 12 salads… just think colorful and you’ll be getting some great nutrients. Granted if you are trying to eat in season this isn’t the best time of year for salads, but here are 3 winter salads that will halp you get some great nutrients… and they look delicious.

40 Days of Fitness – Day 27

Do your one thing!
Today’s tip is really another challenge.  My husband and I never completed the 7 day ab challenge. I know sad… but I want to do something. So I heard about this thing called plank a day. Check out this site to give you some details. I think I might try it because my abs really need something and if I’m almost in the postition anyway to do my push ups I can do this for a bit. I think even my kids could do it and they love having some exercise they can do. I’ll let you know how it goes but starting today I am now push ups and a plank…. I’m not sure about a minute to start with though… maybe 30 seconds.

40 Days of Fitness – Day 26

Do your one thing! Susie you inspire me – I can’t wait until I can do 15 pushups on my feet in a row… as for now when I get to ten I feel like my heart is going to come out my chest. The good part is that since it’s been five days I can go down much lower then day 21. The first day of push ups on my feet i think I went down an inch and came back up and counted it as one.

Today’s tip – go outside and play with your kids… it’s Saturday and for some of us there is actually snow on the ground…. hmmm sledding?