Engineering Spy Puffs

How Engineering Spy Girls Came to be

Engineering Spy Girls
Welcome to the Engineering Spy Girls’ summer challenge.  Each week a new mission will be posted. These missions are project-based learning and building challenges that will get you to use your engineering brain and stretch your imagination. If you document your solution to the missions you will get compensated with more Spy swag.  As you complete missions you will receive new official documents celebrating your accomplishments and move you up on the Spy Challenge Ladder.  After you complete your first challenge you will receive your mission’s book and your first badge, and after you finish your second mission you will receive an official Engineering Spy Girl ID that can be printed out at home. To officially complete a mission you need to send in a picture of your completed mission and some sort of documentation. You can print out a labbook page here or just make a drawing of your solution to the problem in the mission. It is very important in engineering and the spy world to take notes of what works and what doesn’t so that you will be better prepared for future missions and problems.  We hope that you enjoy solving the problems and that you have great adventures with your Spy Puff. Remember the Spy Girls motto – Engineering Spy girls where the best spy gear is your brain.

Making your Spy Puff
Before you begin your engineering adventures you will need to create your own Spy puff. Below are a few examples that we have made at our house using pom-poms or colored cotton balls. After you name your Spy Puff you are ready to work towards becoming an official Engineering Spy Girl. Get an adult to use a glue gun or use glue spots to attach foam, googly eyes, and small pom-poms to a larger pom-pom or a cottonball. If you want to start missions quickly feel free to just use a plain cottonball for all of your spy puffing needs. Some links for puff making – puff monstersmore yarn puffsowl Spy puff?  – If you want to buy somepom pom ones . Really you can do anything. But remember to send in a picture of your Spy Puff and give her/him a name.  You are probably wondering why you need a spy puff. You are the brains and gear managers at the home base of the Engineering Spy Girls Company. We send lots of Spy Puffs out and about keeping the world safe, full of joy, and more enjoyable. They are the spy field agents. The Spy Puffs are in the field but they need your help to solve problems, create gear for them, and be the home base helpers. Since the spy puffs are small the creations you make will be on a small scale with materials that you will most likely find around the house.spygirls2Recap of how it works
The two pictures above are some set up for the first mission… so here goes.

Mission 1
 – The Bridge Mission – After you have completed it you will receive a Mission Book
Mission 2 – The Catapult Mission – After you have completed it you will receive your own Spy ID