Join the club and get fun Spy stuff

Getting your well deserved credit and goodies
When you finish doing your mission please put your Spy Puff on whatever you have created and take a picture and send it in to kelly (at) Also send in a drawing or plan of your mission; engineers and spies both plan out what they are going to do and document their work for the future. We will post your pictures on the site (only include the face of your engineer spy if you feel comfortable, no real names will be used, but I still choose not to use my daughters’ faces). After a mission is complete move you to the first class Spy Girl Status. After each mission you will move up the rankings of the Engineering Spy Girls order of command (the rankings have been taken from a favorite game of mine Stratego – First class Spy, Scout, Sapper, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain,  Major, Colonel, General, and at the end of the 10 missions you will become a Marshal.)   After completing each mission you will receive a digital gift and a digital badge that you can print out and use.  The first gift is the Mission Book that you can keep all of your badges in. Each gift will be described in an email when you send in your mission complete picture. Make sure you also send in your Spy puff’s name – and your age and your code name. We’ll post those in our standings. We will not post any pictures of the children engineers unless you include them in the picture of the mission and even in that case only spy names are used. You can also post the images to our facebook page at but then your name shows, it is totally your preference.
Or you can fill out this form if you have any questions.