Mission 10

This is it spies. This is the final mission for the Engineering Spy Girls’ first program. The Spy puffs have loved every bit of the equipment that you have made for them. They got a bit angry when I told them that this was going to be your last mission. They shouted and stamped, and a couple of them cried. But then it came a list of requests for this mission… we need a rocket,  no, we need cars, no,  we need watches that can sense danger,  no,  we need devices to see around corners and in the dark… and on and on it went!

Finally I did the only thing I could… we took a vote for the last Engineering Spy Girls mission needed. They decided that what they needed most was a car. They love the catapult and use it often to get somewhere quickly, but unfortunately they have to move it around and it’s heavy, so they thought a car would be the best piece of equipment to get them around.

Our headquarters secret location is on a hill so all the car has to do is be able to roll down a hill, but if you wanted to give it a better boost (think balloon, rubber band, even a mouse trap… anything to get it moving that would be great too!)

Mission: Build a car that can fit a puff and can roll on the ground either by being pushed, rolling down a ramp, or by another sources of propulsion. This is the last challenge so try to step out of your comfort zone and I try something a  little more challenging… remember these are for the puffs!!

Good luck!