Mission 2

Take Note – this mission may require parental help for smaller engineering spy girls – but I guarantee any aged spy girl will be excited about the finished product!

Congratulations on your first successful mission!
I hope that your Spy puff enjoyed your bridge, the designs you made are helping us fabricate (create) lots of bridges for all the spy puffs in the field. Thank you for your good work, and I hope that you received your Mission book and first badge; you’ll be filling the whole thing up soon enough. The first mission was an easy mission for the Spy puffs, but this upcoming mission is much more difficult.  There is a little bit of danger involved but if you create a good design and check it over and redesign it you will be very happy with your results and the Spy Puff will be safe. You are to build a catapult to launch your Spy puff. There are lots of different materials you can use and you are free to use any of them. The goal and struggle of this challenge is to get your puff to land in a 1 foot square box 2 out of 5 times. I suggest you make the catapult and then shoot your puff once and use the landing spot to make your 1 ft square.  Below are some great resources on how to build a catapult. Feel free to copy any of the designs, but make sure you make your own drawing of the design (labels are great).  Recap: You’re mission is to build a small-scale catapult that will send your Spy puff into a 1 ft by 1 ft square or if you are feeling really good you can print out the special Engineering Spy Target and try to get it on the catapult target. The only requirement is that the catapult can be consistent in landing your puff in the box, but the catapult and the box can be any distance away – 3 ft away or five feet or even 1 ft away. Remember to look at the resources below to get ideas and on the sidebar on the right for a catapult pinboard.

So you may be wondering why the Spy puffs need to be catapulted? The Spy puffs have found the need to go from one place to the other quickly during missions. They have found that sometimes there are large (large to them) obstacles that get in their way and are difficult to climb over so they thought that a catapult would help them with both tasks of traveling quickly and a long distance and also to go over obstacles at the same time. Truthfully, I think the main reason is that they are hoping that it will be a fun ride! It is important that you can get the catapult to send the puff the same distance consistently. If it doesn’t the puffs could land in unsafe places, so work really hard on trying to get your catapult to be consistent. Good luck Engineering Spy Girl!

Catapult Resources:
1. 9 different designs for kid made catapults with resources from around the house and includes easy to follow directions.
2. The simplest – clothes pin catapults which can be customized in many ways.
3. The Marshmallow Catapult is cool because it gives a lot of height compared to the other catapults.
Look on the right hand side bar for even more ideas.

Requirement: The catapult must shoot the puff to a target 2 out of 5 times.
The goal is to build a consistent catapult.