Mission 3

It is that time again. Time to exercise your mind and thinking skills to create a new project for your Spy Puff. The Spy Puffs are in a very serious situation. As you can tell from the previous missions they love fun activities and thrilling adventures, that is why they make such great spies in the field. However, back here at headquarters they work really hard trying to think of ways to help out kids and have them enjoy themselves. Needless to say all this thinking makes them hungry. The Spy Puffs love cookies. That is their favorite food and since they are puffs and not humans, cookies aren’t unhealthy for them,  they try to eat them any chance they can get. The Engineering Spy Girls headquarters needs to be kept super clean otherwise the high-tech devices can get messed up. The Spy puffs need a simple and easy tower that they can sit on and eat their cookies. The tower is to be made of paper and tape. I think we are going to go with newspaper and masking tape, but feel free to use any type of paper and tape. The goal is to try to make it as high as you can and still have it support your Spy Puff and a cookie. Good Luck.
Requirements: Use only tape and paper.
Goal: Build the highest tower you can with the tape and paper that can support a puff and a cookie.
Reward – A Spy Decoder
Tips: Engineers build things and then test them to see how well they work. If they find some part of the project isn’t working well they redesign it (they change something to work better) and then test it again. You may need to work with the paper a couple of times by crushing it, rolling it, pleating it and using tape in different ways to get it to be strong. Also remember with a tower you want the base(or the bottom part) to be the widest/strongest since it has to carry the weight of the rest of the tower. Another consideration is the shapes you use. In Civil Engineering (the engineers who build bridges and buildings) they have learned that certain shapes are stronger than others. Check out this Building Big Website to learn which is the strongest shape to use.
You can see some examples of the paper towers here.