Mission 4

You have done such an amazing job with making a huge tower for the Spy Puffs that they are now looking for a quick and easy way to get down. You know those crazy Spy puffs the want something fun and exciting. They are such daredevils!
That bring us to your latest mission. Your job is to create a parachute, well actually two! The Spy Puffs were so excited that you were going to be making them parachutes that they asked if you could make the trip as slow as possible so they could spend more time in the air. As an engineer you are often asked to redesign your idea. First you create a parachute, you can look at the ideas on the right side to give you some ideas. Your parachute should have strings that tie to your puff, or a holder at the bottom that can hold your puff. After you make your first parachute, have a parent hold it up as high as possible and time how long it takes to hit the ground. Make sure that you mark at what point you drop the parachute from. Look at your parachute and see what you can change to make the parachute slower. The drop can be slowed down by changing the size of your parachute, the material your parachute is made of, or the number of chutes. Each of these things is a variable and changing them is a redesign which will hopefully make your parachute slower and your spy puff’s ride longer. To receive your badge and spy gift (printable binoculars!) you must send a picture of the two parachutes and how long it took for each to fall from the same height. Remember which ever way you time your first parachute (timer, second hand on a clock, counting slowly, etc.) you must use the same method to time your second parachute run. Don’t worry if your second parachute wasn’t slower… engineers often learn more information from disappointments then expected results. Good luck and remember no matter what your spy puff is going to be so excited just to get to use your parachute!