Mission 5

* Disclaimer – To test the boats out the tub filled partway with water needs to be used. A parent should be supervising this testing.

After this mission you will be half way done, smarter and quite a good spy.  I was trying to think of something for you to make for the Spy Puffs and their serious work out in the field. But really all they can talk about is that it is almost August and that they haven’t been on a vacation. Really Puffs… you’ve been playing on catapults, eating cookies, and enjoying relaxing parachute rides… really you need a vacation? Well on the bright side they are small so any short trip seems long to them. So your mission today is to build a boat that can hold your spy puff, float, and can be sent across your tub. The requirement is that the boat moves across the tub without you actually touching it with your skin. Let me give you some ideas….

1. You can build a simple sail boat and then you can actually blow on it to get it to go across or you can use a fan to get it across. Remember that it doesn’t have to look like a real boat with a triangle sail, you want to make a sail that can catch and use your breath. Check out these examples –

2. You can make a boat that is powered by a balloon. Check out these examples –

3. You can make a paddle boat powered by rubber bands. Check out these examples –

4. You can make a boat that you can send across by making waves with your hands, but remember you can’t actually touch the boat.

5. Or if you are up for a real challenge you can make a steam-powered boat called a pop pop boat. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Simple-Pop-Pop-Boat/

Or do something totally different, solar-powered, mechanically with a mousetrap, a pulley system, or anything your amazing mind can think up. Look on the side bar to get some more ideas – but most of them are sailboats. If you want to make one of the self-propelled boats use the links above.

Mission – Create a boat that can hold your puff and travel the length of your tub.
Requirement – You can not touch the boat to get it to move.
Reward – A badge and a Surprise.