Mission 6

The Spy Puffs loved the last mission, who knew little puff balls would love the water so much! It is amazing that they can float with all that fluff and stuff… impressive. They are excited to tell you about what they need next. The Spy Puffs love spheres. The are mostly sphere-shaped (a ball shape or a 3 D circle). When they send messages in the Engineering Spy headquarters they put the notes in these special sphere containers (they look a lot like marbles) and they roll them to each other. They have found that when they roll the sphere message holders from the second floor to the first floor they go too quickly, sometimes they open up, or sometimes they hit another Spy puff in the head.  They aren’t enjoying that method anymore and would like you to build a message run (something like a marble run). You need to start the marble run two feet off the ground because that is how high the second floor of the Engineering Spy headquarters is. Then you need to build tunnels, funnels, slides, anything to get the marble down to the floor as slow as possible so that it won’t hit any Spy Puffs in the head or won’t break open.

I think I’m going to have my engineers make the marble run against the wall so that it is similar to the conditions that the Spy Puffs are in. Look on the right hand side of this page for some ideas, but remember that you want to have it take a long time for the marble to get down, so add as many things in there as you can.

Requirements: The height of the marble run must be two feet, but it can be any width and you can use any materials. The marble must be able to travel from the two feet height to the floor.

Good Luck and remember – Your best piece of Spy Equipment is your brain.