Mission 8

Hello Engineering Spies. Wow you’ve come a long way! There are only two more missions after this and then you officially graduate from the Engineering Spy Girls Program. It’s August now and the Spy puffs have been sneaking out of headquarters everyday. I’ll find them in the trees, under bushes, and running through fields. I told them they have to get back on track and come back to headquarters and continue their research and surveillance. They huff and puff and come back, but I know that their heart isn’t in it. It’s so beautiful outside they just want to be out there. So this brings us to your next mission. I want you to build the Spy puffs an outdoor home. They can bring their special spy communicators out there and enjoy the rest of their summer doing what they do best – spying and relaxing in the sun. Engineers all over the world are very mindful of the environment around them. Engineers have to think about the weather and climate of a location as well as natural disasters that come into play when they are creating outside structures. It is also important to them to try to use materials that they can find locally since those materials work well in that environment. All this to say that you have a couple of requirements for your puff building. You have to make the entire structure with natural materials that you find outside around your house or near a local park (only go with an adult to collect the materials.) You can’t use any glue or tape, everything to make the structure has to be from outside. The second requirement is that it has to have a roof over your puff. The building doesn’t have to be completely enclosed like a house, it just has to have a roof. So it can be open on most sides as long as there is a roof over your puff’s head.
Mission 8: Natural Building Material outdoor house for your puff.
Goal: Build a house for your puff outdoors.
Requirements: 1. The house must be built from all natural materials that you find in your local area. 2. The house must have a roof that can go over your puff’s head.

Help: I’ve pinned some natural building materials and ideas on the side bar for you to be inspired.