Mission 9

Oh those crazy Spy Puffs… they really are struggling with the last couple of weeks of summer and relaxing. They absolutely love the nature houses you have made for them. They love being one with nature and have some shelter from the rain. The problem now is that I can’t get them to come back into headquarters – at all! They are out there all day. Even though they can get some messages on their special equipment – there are some messages and objects I’d like to send to them in person. Okay well not really in person because I don’t want to get up, but for them to be able to get a real note (written with our Spy Decoder!). So this is the mission. You need to create a device that can move a note (think of a letter but small for a Spy Puff) from one place to another. The Spy Puffs outdoor structure is one foot away from headquarters. So you need to build something that can move stuff from one place to another. No restrictions except that letter needs to be delivered accurately every time. That means you can’t just crunch it up in a ball and throw it, we don’t want these notes to get in the hands of other spies. Here are some ideas… (I got one from Nancy Clancy (who is a spy)).. There are also some ideas on he right hand side, but most of these are jus ideas about making a pulley – please feel free to think of something completely different and go that way.